What is this application?

This application manages the purchase of real, insured and bet type lottery games. It was built specifically for GamblingTec.com.

How does it work?

This application is API driven which means you can place orders directly from this application or via third parties who have integrated into it. At all times you will be able to access your order data from this application. To use this app you require GamblingTec.com login credentials and a deposit.

How do I pay?

To play navigate to the home page, select the game you wish to play, enter your desired numbers, and click the save and make a payment button. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so or to create an account. Once logged in you will be navigated to the shopping basket where you can pay from a pre-existing balance or make a deposit / payment via GamblingTec.com.

What is an official game?

An official game is one in which our agents purchase a physical lottery ticket from an actual official outlet and on your behalf.

When will I get a ticket scan?

You will not receive a ticket scan for all official lottery ticket purchases. Only certain games offer this service in an automated manner, namely: Lotto UK, EuroMillions UK and Thunderball UK as well as the Australian games. If a ticket scan is important to you, we suggest you stick to the above mentioned games.

Scans are digitised images taken directly from a lottery terminal and are not scans of a printed ticket. The reason for this is that our agents purchase tickets under license from specific lottery operators.

For games that do not offer an automated scan service, you are free to request physical evidence of your purchase which will be provided to you in the form of a scan of a physical ticket and at month end.

What is an insured game?

An insured game is based on official lottery results. The idea is to offer a cheaper line, larger prizes for the lower prize tiers or a combination of the two. In some instances, insured games will have additional prize levels as well as bonus features and rewards associated to them.

Prizes are paid from an insurance pool which is underwritten by Sunseven NV. Ticket prices are determined by the aggregated insurance balance as managed by the application and from time to time may change without notice.

What is a bet game?

A bet is where you predict a set of numbers for a given draw. If you match each number predicted you will win a prize equivalent to the bet amount multiplied by the associated prize tier multiplier. Bet multipliers are listed on the tickets when you make a purchase.

Prize levels are restricted to a minimum and maximum bet amount with a maximum payout. For instance, if you match 3 numbers with a bet multiple of 80 and if you bet €2.50, you would be paid out: 2.50 X 80 = €200EUR. Players should not be able to exceed the minimum or maximum bet amounts which are designed to limit prizes to the maximum payout level. Should this happen, prizes will be limited to the maximum payout level.

Our insurance covers a maximum payout per game per player. If the combined win of your bets for a given game (multiple orders with multiple lines) exceed the games maximum payout, you will be paid the full prize and the difference will be debited from your account to bring your prize win to the maximum allowed payout level.

Terms and conditions

Please visit our terms and conditions for further information.